Remember The Times:

At present the time Muslims all across the globe are in a condition where they are having extreme and severe difficulties to keep their identity and the honour that comes with it secure. To the developed world, Muslims are extremists, barbaric, and oppressive kind of people who have not any contribution to the present educated world. Furthermore, the bombardments of such opinion and judgments have made Muslims not remember what they once were. The necessity is to remember those old days.

A Muslim needs to memorize that in its days Islam was the religion that completely dominated the world and Muslim empire and territory expanded to the farthest regions. When the West was facing the dark ages, it was the Muslim world that was on its height and making philosophical, scientific, political and economic progress. It is on the leftovers of the peak of Muslim world that the rebirth in Europe generated. Hence, it is very important that the Muslims at present time realize their past and see the sort of brilliance days they had. This commemoration of past in no means must be taken as remaining in the past; rather, the Muslim world requires to take out the essence of the past and implement it in their actions of the present. Once Muslims realize that what they have been, only then they will be able realize their potential towards achieving it.                  


The first thing to elucidate here is that education does not only mean literacy, but it stands for enlightenment. Muslim nations are far at the back the developed world when it comes to literacy rate and it is fairly natural for them to be less progressive as well due to less literacy. Muslims require realizing that in order to move forward in the globe and stand for what Islam stands for; they have to get education in religious enlightenment and worldly literacy both. There are many Muslims who go for worldly education just and keep the understanding of religion to a basic level, while, there are other Muslims who resort to religion only and does not give significance to worldly learning. Muslims need to feel that it is their religion Islam that encourages them to consider over life and increase knowledge from every possible place where it is obtainable to them. Therefore, the essence and spirit of Islam unquestionably does not exists in a Muslim leaving religion and following worldly teaching only, neither is it in just following religion without any concentration to the world, but it lies in the combination of two and the teachings of Muslims must consist of of worldly as well as religious education.

Establishment of Fairness and Justice:

The line difference between the Western world and the Muslim world is the justice system that the latter has been capable to establish in its society. In West, the wealth of the country and the civility of the society all depend on their justice

Muslims should also establish the justice, as it is a major and integral tenet of Islam and the whole Islamic society depends upon accessibility of justice to all without any kind of discrimination.

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