Umrah Disturbed By Corona Virus

Umrah is a continuous journey performed by a lot of Muslims coming from every region of the world. They gather at one place and perform Ibadah alike. This pandemic has major effects on Umrah. As for Hajj, the time of the year when the cases were on the rise date of Hajj came and this opportunity was not available to many. We have seen a very strange and different view of Makkah this year. Although there were people performing Hajj they were standing far away from each other in a small number of rows. This was not like that as it is now. There were times when masjid Al Haram was closed but this time these great acts of worship are stopped. This makes these months very different and stranger than the past.

It Seems That The Holy Cities Are Void Of Great Crowds

The view of the holy cities during coronavirus outbreak is very different and is unable to explain. It is probably very much different for the Muslims who even if they are not performing Hajj Umrah seem to be very keen to listen to the great summons and the beautiful images captured every year. There is coverage from media channels in which we see Umrah being performed every day and it reaches every house. Now when the situation is totally different a wave of sadness sweep through every Muslim’s heart when they look at the visuals of holy cities.

Muslims All Around The World Are A Little Bit Stressed

Pilgrimages like Hajj and Umrah are very close to Muslims ‘hearts. The coronavirus pandemic has made Muslims a little bit stressed out. It is because they cannot perform Hajj and Umrah. The situation would have different if it were not about all the Muslims living all around the world.

Airline Services Are Not Available The Same Way

Airline services that were available in bulks before the corona virus outbreak now seem to have left only a few. There are just a few airlines that are giving the service of taking Muslims to Saudi Arabia. Transportation service given within the city is also not working that way. There are just a few travel agencies that are offering such services and each of such agencies is not accommodating a lot of people.

No One Is Sure When It Is Going To Be All Settled

The worst part of the situation is that no one is sure about the future. No one really knows what we are going to encounter in the coming days. This happens because there is still not an authentic solution for the disease. The disease is not wiped out altogether and we can see a lot of cases coming every day. Experts are just collecting data and giving instructions to avoid and lessen the effects of coronavirus. There is no proper and reliable solution for it. We just hope and pray for the best. It is because Muslims are severely affected by this problematic disease.