What are the Top Attraction of Haram Shareef?

A prayer in Makkah is equal to 100,000 prayers. It’s like a great opportunity to visit the world of ihram and completing the Umrah rituals. Those who get the chance of visiting Khana Kaaba, they first say thanks to Allah for getting a chance to worship in the state of Ihram between thousands of Muslims.

If you were in Makkah, you are supposed to perform your religious obligation. What you will see in Khana Kaba? Here are some top attractions of Haram Shareef:

The Kaaba Building:

This is the place where Muslims all around the world turn their face and pray for Allah. When you visited Masjid-e-Haram you will feel like your most important dream comes true. At one spot, the Kaaba is built by angles and on the other point, Hazrat Adan (A.S) build Kaaba. Now Allah knows this fact.

Maqam Ibrahim

This is the rock on which Ibrahim stand when he was building the Kaaba. Still, now, this point is situated in Haram Shareef and those who believe they will perform two Rakat at the maqam-e-Ibraheem.  Our Prophet (PBUH) says: the stone is the place where Ibrahim (R.A) stood at the time of the construction. Hazrat Ibrahim (R.A) climbed on it and Hazrat Ishmael (R.A) brought the stones to him.

Safa and Marwa

This is the place where you have to complete seven circumstances during your Umrah. Those who believe they have to complete the seven rounds from Safa and Marwa. Why pilgrims travel back and forth between Safa and Marwa? It provides a reference toward the journey that Hazrat Hajar ( Ismaïl’s mother), made when she was hungry and thirsty.

According to Ibn ‘ Abbas (R.A): Hajar (R.A) walked away, but when she reached As-Safa (the nearest mountain) she climbed up and then faced the valley in the hope of seeing someone arrive. When she saw no one, she came down from As-Safa. Reaching the valley, she lifted her skirt, and ran, as an exhausted person would, to the edge of the valley. At Al-Marwa, she searches here and there in the hope to see someone come, but she could not see anyone. She did this act for seven times.

The black stone

Located in one of the corners of the Kaaba, the black stone is a stone descended from paradise as reported by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): This stone was whiter than milk, and the sins of human beings blackened it. Also, on the day of judgment, Allah will give two eyes and one tongue to this black stone so that it testifies. The reason behind the incredible crowd hastens to touch it. Meanwhile, if you can’t touch it with your hands then you can wave your hand and saying Allah-hu-Akbar

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