The weather of Makkah in October

Weather plays a very crucial role in the traveling plan. It simply means that the people who are fond of traveling must know about the weather of a certain region they are traveling to because it can help them make a careful plan about their trip. When it comes to the regions like Makkah and Madinah, it must be noted that which time of the month is suitable for performing Umrah. Hajj has a specific time so it cannot depend on your own choice. If your plan is made for October this year, you are going to know all about the weather patterns that must be known for a safe and comfortable trip. We can explain the weather patterns so that you may not feel bothered about planning your trip.

Why consider weather?

Considering the weather before going on a trip can do a lot of favor. It is because the weather can ruin your trip altogether when you choose to make a trip in the time when it is not safe to travel in a certain region. The reason can be scorching summer, freezing winter or rough weather. The people who are planning for Umrah and are going to travel to the holy land of Makkah must consider the weather of this region. Any month that you choose can have a different weather pattern so getting to know about it is very important before starting your journey.

How is it in October?

October is the month when the scorching summer of Makkah has come to an end but it is not completely ended so the weather is quite warm. It is pleasantly warm but there is not that much tourism in Makkah. It is another advantage for the people as they are likely to get hotels at a low rate. It is not about tourism only as if we look at the people coming for Umrah, it is a never-ending phenomenon and people travel in myriads to Makkah for Umrah. This means that the people never stop to plan their scared journey even if the weather is not favorable.

Good for Umrah or not?

October is the right month for performing Umrah because the weather is mild. In harsh weather, you may feel a bit uncomfortable to perform the rituals and to travel as well. There is no doubt in it that the people traveling for Umrah are the ones who do not care about the weather but still the preferable time will be October.

Who are the most suitable ones to visit?

It depends on the region that you are living in. The people from the areas in which winter is the prominent season may not feel that much comfortable. Those from the regions in which the prominent season is summer will feel very comfortable to travel in October for Umrah. Overall, the weather is perfect in the way that it is mild and is not at all disturbing for the pilgrims and so it is quite favorable for almost everyone.