Rules Of Umrah For Ladies

Umrah for Ladies

Most of the rules in Islam for Umrah are obligatory for both men and women but some of the rules are to be obliged specifically by women. Let’s start with the summary of the basic rules of Umrah.

  • The basic five rituals that are compulsory for both men and ladies in Umrah are ihram, tawaf, then salat of tawaf, saae, and at the end taqsir.
  • The ihram rules at meeqat for ladies are same as the rules for men.
  • The ladies can wear ihram on their husband’s consent but simply the ladies are allowed to offer Umrah in their normal clothes, the same way the women should do tabbiya and niyyat as the men do.
  • Monthly cycle or bleeding of post-natal kind prevent the ladies from performing the salat and tawaf, however that post-natal bleeding doesn’t stop her from doing the rest of the rituals of Umrah or Hajj, after she can put on ihram from the meeqat, then perform sa’i in between Safa-Marwah, keep staying in midan-e-arafat and Muzdalifa and compete the rituals of mina while she is in her biological periods.
  • The ladies are allowed to wear every kind of clothes but just no silk and that is just for their protection purposes and also she can wear socks which the male pilgrims are not allowed to wear.
  • The ladies in Umrah are not allowed to wear any kind of excessive jewellery; only the amount of regular jewellery is allowed which she was wearing before putting on ihram.
  • During Umrah, the ladies aren’t allowed to wear any kind of clothing material that will block their face i.e. Niqab or burqa. She is also not allowed to cover her face for any purpose like some women try to cover their face with a piece of cloth or a handkerchief.
  • Based on obligatory precautions, the ladies aren’t even allowed to put masks on their mouths for the purpose of blocking dust or any other thing.
  • If the post-natal cycle of the lady has begun at the time of “Umrah at-tamattu” after, before or at the time of putting ihram and the lady reaches Mecca while she has the required time before starting of Hajj, then she must wait it out until she becomes pure again, after she’s become pure then after she can perform the rituals of Umrah whether its salat, tawaf, taqsor or sa’i, there will be no problems at all.
  • The ladies are sure allowed to take medical pills to prevent bleeding-cycle at the time of Umrah.
  • The process of walking briskly is only can be practiced by men but ladies aren’t allowed.
  • The ladies aren’t allowed to shave their head they just have to cut a little bit of their hair at the time of performing taqsir.
  • The specific amount of stay at muzdalifa is just alright for ladies they don’t have to stay there all night even if they can and they can throw stone at uqbah pillar if they get the chance to do that ritual.