Laylatul Qadr Is The Night Of Power And Night Of Value

The night that has the greatest significance is ‘Laylatul Qadr’. The month of Ramadan is the month of great religious importance but the days that even more important with respect to Ibadah are the last ten days and among them, one night is most powerful. The Ibadah in this night is preferred in case a Muslim finds this night. This night is truly the night of power and that of value. It is valued so much by Allah (SWT) and the Muslims are taught to value this great night as it is all about goodness and blessings. The rewards of this night and the peace that a man gets are all the blessings of Allah (SWT).

Quran Has Clearly Called It The Night Of Power

The title ‘night of power’ is the divine title given to this night by Allah (SWT). It is the night that makes you get the rewards of both the worlds. Allah (SWT) has said in the Holy Quran about this night:

Why Is It The Night Of Value For The Muslims?

The divine orders are given to Muslims to follow and those who keep on going the way Allah (SWT) has ordered, become the blessed ones. It is valued by the Muslims around the world and they all struggle to get all the benefits of this night. It is much valued in the way that Allah (SWT) has set certain limitations and restrictions about this month. Those who comply with these rules get this great night as a reward.

Why Allah (SWT) Has Made It Better Than A Thousand Months?

A thousand months means a really long time. The Ibadah done in this time equals that done in the night of power. This increases the significance of this night further. The purpose behind making it that much valuable would definitely be the fact that the Muslims who make themselves able to get it are the most beloved servants of Allah (SWT).

The Blessings That Are Showered Upon Us Are Countless

During this night, those who worship throughout the time available are the ones who get countless blessings showered upon them. You gain a high level of spirituality and obviously the favor of Allah (SWT). The blessings are showered throughout this great night. This makes it important for Muslims to stay awake and worship all through it.

What Is The Ambiance Of This Beautiful Night Of Value?

The ambiance is great as there are utmost serenity and peace during this night. It is pleasurable and perfect for worshipping throughout this night. It provides you with a full focus towards your Ibadah.