Hajj, being the fifth (5th) pillar of Islam, needs to be done and performed by every Muslim (if they are financially and physically able) once in their lifetime so that they may protect their religious obligations. But why performing Hajj is such a big deal for Muslims, and why is it considered as the Journey of a Lifetime?
The virtues of Hajj are so many and those Muslims who have performed Hajj are indeed aware of the religious and spiritual contentment and inspiring experience such an act plants in the hearts of all humanity; everlastingly.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has spoken continuously on the virtues and merits of Hajj throughout his lifetime.  In the past, Muslims need many months for travelling to complete their Holy journey to Makkah. The means for transportation were mostly on camels if by land or with wooden made boats by water. Now travelling is become too easy, although it is extremely costly journey, both physically and economically, yet in recent era millions of Muslims have attended and performs the annual pilgrimage in Holy Makkah.

The obligation of a Muslim, in spite of of where he or she lives, is to Ibadah (worship) ALLAH Almighty, by carrying out His will in all matters and aspects of life. The basis of Islamic teaching and spending the Islamic way of life is a set of five obligatory and mandatory acts of worship (ibadat), which, taken together with the confession of imaan (faith) and are referred to as the “five pillars” of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has defined the faith (imaan), the submission, and the best models for human behaviour to follow.

These acts of Ibadah (worship) constitute the five pillars are the cornerstones of Islam, each of which has its own religious, spiritual and social values. A person who believes in these five pillars enters the fold of the religion of peace Islam and becomes a member of the Muslim society (the ummah). It is these ritual obligations that draw the faithful closer to ALLAH Almighty and help them fulfil their responsibility to Him. The reason of Islamic Ibadah (worship) is, therefore, to make stronger the individual’s Imaan (faith) and sense of submission to ALLAH Almighty, and to strengthen the ties of brother and sisterhood among all the Muslims. In order to examine the importance of Hajj in a Muslim’s spiritual and social life, that is done the sacred city Makkah.
It was reported in the Holy Quran, verse 22:27:

And proclaim to the people the Hajj [pilgrimage]; they will come to you on foot and on every lean camel; they will come from every distant pass –

By relating the experiences about the Hajj, the pilgrims often renew devotional feelings and desire in the hearts of their listeners, each in keen anticipation of the day, when they too will have a chance to perform it.

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