Two Biggest Mistake Of New Generation While Committed Umrah

Umrah doesn’t come in the five pillars of Islam, but it is unable to neglect. It is just like the small pilgrimage that plays a vital role in Islam. We have seen in the preceding note that this journey was not like the others and that the nerves could be put to contribution in such circumstances. Today, let us see different but equally two most serious mistakes that need to be corrected among pilgrims to take full advantage of Umrah.

Tourism in Mecca

Among the most frequent mistakes that have been found in the Haram Sharif from many years, and especially among the youngest ones, it is the propensity of some of our brothers to make their Umrah as a tourist visit. Unfortunately, many of them engage in taking pictures or selfies and other videos in full Tawaf. This act is not good in Islam, once you fulfil your obligation you can capture moments.

In such moments, the Muslim must avoid these things by devoting himself entirely to the adorations inside the enclosures of the two Holy Mosques. For some people, this type of practice can distract them. Two things are feared through these photos and videos: ostentation. It’s an act of performing adoration, which can alter the sincerity of the law. On the other side, whether the pilgrim himself doing or those around him, not to mention the fact that other pilgrims do not necessarily want to appear in his recordings.

Shopping in Mecca

Another mistake that you will make when you are in Umrah is spending a lot of time in shopping centres and markets. Everyone needs to do some shopping and give themselves some gifts, that’s not the problem. The pitfall is when you spend hours and hours or days and days shopping, instead of enjoying the Sacred Mosques, in which prayers are multiplied exponentially.

Similarly, it is a shame not to take advantage of Savants who give courses and dispense sermons without being able to attend, for lack of time. All this is intimately linked to a good organization of his schedule during his Umrah. We advise you, before leaving, to organize your time there, to give his right to everything. ALLAH you will optimize your time, and you will do, by permission of ALLAH almighty, so that your stay in Saudi Arabia is like a real success.

Final words:

Before you book your flight, it’s essential to take attend seminars or take informational classes through your agents, so you have not committed any mistakes. Umrah becomes the inspirational activity for all Muslim because you purify like a newborn baby. Before going anywhere consider for booking your Umrah January Package Deal.