Things Must be Prohibited during Umrah

For all those Muslims who are planning to for an Umrah trip, it is very useful to study as much authentic literature regarding Umrah as possible. Although things are not much complicated and you can go for performing Umrah with very little knowledge and a lot of people do this and every year, several people perform an Umrah with very limited knowledge related to Umrah. Also, you will find people who go for an Umrah without having any knowledge about the procedure of performing Umrah. What these people do is that when they reach Saudi Arabia for Umrah, they purchase small books containing the procedure of performing Umrah. These books are very easily available in Saudi Arabia and not much time needed to study such books. These are thin pocketbooks and the majority of people can understand the procedure of performing an Umrah within a few minutes after studying these useful books. Therefore, don’t make your limited knowledge regarding Umrah an excuse for not performing it. Whenever possible, prefer to go for an Umrah and you can easily get the needed information upon reaching Saudi Arabia without much trouble or effort. However, it’s better and more beneficial to get maximum information about Umrah in advance before leaving your home for performing an Umrah.

A lot of informative stuff is easily available containing plenty of authentic information about various aspects of an Umrah and getting maximum benefit and information from such sources can be really awesome. You will find a lot of information not only regarding what is required to be done while performing an Umrah but also related to what should be avoided during the Umrah trip. Refraining from several unwanted things can surely make your Umrah trip a lot better.

Stay Away From Bad Companions

If you are planning to perform an Umrah in a group, never plan your visit with bad people. There are people who remain indulged in dirty acts even if they are on an Umrah trip. Also, there are people who are not that bad, but they focus more on entertainment, picnic and travelling rather than giving maximum time to doing good deeds and worship. If you are in a company of such people, it will become very difficult for you to allocate a reasonable amount of time to remembering Allah and prayers. While choosing your Umrah companions, select such people who devote themselves up to maximum level towards Almighty Allah during their whole Umrah trip. They may help you in spending more time in worship as compared to the worship you would have done if you are performing an Umrah alone.

Unnecessary Use of Cell Phone

It’s very important to carry your cell phone with you while on an Umrah trip but tries to avoid overusing it. There are a few people who spend a lot of time doing unnecessary gossip with their family members, relatives or friends even during an Umrah. While on Umrah visit, try to use a cell phone for necessary conversations only and try to spend maximum time offering prayers, remembering Allah and worship.

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