Importance Of Patience While Pilgrimage


Umrah is the sacred journey to Makkah and this the second most significant sacred journey in Islam, first one is Hajj. In order to perform both pilgrimages Muslims comes to Makkah from all around the globe, every Muslim is hearty willing to perform the religious duties in their lives by undertaking the sacred journey.

The Hajj is obligatory pilgrimage and this is among the 5 pillars of religion Islam, whereas Umrah is a minor pilgrimage and performing this is not obligatory but highly recommended in Islam and this is also considered as the most significant act of worship, performing Umrah is extremely rewarding and pilgrims gets many blessings by performing this. Umrah or minor pilgrimage can be performed at anytime throughout the whole year, every month huge number of the Muslims from different corners of the world visit Makkah for fulfilling their religious duty by performing all the rites and rituals of minor pilgrimage.

It is necessary before leaving for pilgrimage to understand the complete procedure and rites of minor pilgrimage because it has been seen that a large number of pilgrims after reaching there becomes confused because of they did not get the detailed information before leaving for Umrah so they are oblivious about all the things. Lack of basic information regarding performance of minor pilgrimage can void their whole sacred journey. There are many essential information, things and outline points which every pilgrim should have to keep in their mind while, or during their sacred and valuable expedition to of city Makkah.

In order to undertake sacred journey, pilgrims need to consider many things and should make them aware regarding the sacred excursion. Pilgrim leaves their homeland to undertake sacred journey to city Makkah, but they becomes unfamiliar about the accurate and correct manner of performing Umrah according to the Sunnat-e-Muhammad, (PBUH.

For every Muslim who is willing to performing Umrah It is advised to them that before undertaking the sacred journey the most significant thing is to learn and get aware about the proper rituals and procedure of the minor pilgrimage before you set off for the journey of lifetime.Pilgrims are suggested to learn about the minor and ordinary mistakes which are generally committed by most of the pilgrim while their stay in Makkah with the intention of performing pilgrimage.

Another thing which also should keep in mind that when they are there, they need to be tranquil and calm because you will face huge crowd of peoples which you might have never faced before, you will face about hundreds or thousands of peoples there and you should give them all respect and treat them patiently because they all are pilgrims and like you they are also in Makkah for performing Umrah, so try to be calm and tolerant and make sure that not any person harmed by you. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Cheap Umrah 2018 Packages from UK.



After the commandments of ALLAH Almighty through Holy Quran, hadith of Holy Prophet (PBUH) are second most authentic religious source. There are many ayats in the Holy Quran, which guides in the way a Muslim in all matters of life. Holy Quran is the commandment of ALLAH Almighty while the hadith is the explanation of the commands of ALLAH Almighty in terms of collective explanation according to daily life events. For Hadith the Sahi al-Bukhari and the Sahih Muslim are the two most authentic books.

The verses of Holy Quran are the commandments of ALLAH Almighty but how to execute them in daily life and what are the criteria of the implementations given to us through hadith. Let us take some examples to understand this. The verses of Holy Quran imply the punctuality of zakaat, Namaz, Hajj and other prayers. But these are only the key words and terms. When you are thinking to do them practically, you need to be very vigilant about the proper and systematic procedure of these acts of worship. Where to go then for finding the practical way of implementation these acts? You can follow the credibility and authenticity of Sunnah and Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The full procedure of any act that is related to our daily life is given in the Sunnah and hadith. Now you must have estimated that how much Sunnah and Hadith is important in the life of every Muslims. The hadith shows that how to act in a certain situation in different ups and downs of life, how to respond to particular matters of life how to lead a good life according to the Islamic teachings. It is paramount for every Muslim to follow the Hadith, codes, the examples, and the Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH). With the help of hadith, Muslims grow up by knowing how to lead a holy life according to the proper way of Islamic teachings.

A person needs to keep on revising them for getting deeper understanding and see how it will help you in tackle the current situation. Religion Islam is the only true religion which gives knowledge, information and solution to each and every aspect of life. From the small child to the aged ones, because of the technology advancement it is now becomes very easy to find the hadith with online sources. By following Hadith, sunnah and teaching o Holy Quran Muslim can have a holy life as required in the Islamic way of spending life. Hadith and Sunnah will enable Muslim to have a deeper understanding of the Islamic teaching and spending way of life according to the teachings of Islam. Being Muslim it is necessary for us to follow Hadith, Sunnah and Holy Quran. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Cheap Umrah Packages 2017 from UK.


Janna-tul-Baqi (Garden of Heaven) is the most important cemetery of Madina. Buried there are so many members of the Prophet (PBUH) close family members, around ten thousand of his companions (Sahabah) and lots of prominent, pious personalities.

  • Term Baqi means the land in which the roots of many different trees are embedded; Gharqad is the name of a tree that is thorny (Boxthorn) which was abundant in Baqi. Therefore the cemetery also came to be well known as Baqi al-Gharqad.
  • The first one to be buried in Al-Baqi was Asad Bin Zararah (may ALLAH be pleased with him), an Ansari companion who died shortly after the Prophet‘s (PBUH) migration to Madina. The Prophet (PBUH) chose the place to be a cemetery. The first of the Emigrants to be buried there was Hazrat Uthman bin Mazoun who died soon after the Prophet (PBUH) returned from the Jang-e-Badr (battle of Badr).

Some of the blessed resting personalities in Janna-tul-Baqi are:

  • The wives of the Prophet (PBUH), also known as the Mothers of the Muslims including Hazrat Aisha (RA), Hazrat Hafsa (RA) and Hazrat Sauda (RA). The two wives of Prophet (PBUH) that are not buried in janna-tul-Baqi are Khadijah bint Khuwaylid who is buried in Mecca and Maymuna bint al-Harith who is buried in Sarif. May ALLAH be pleased with them.
  • The daughters of the Prophet (PBUH), Hazrat Fatima, Hazrat Ruqayyah, Hazrat Zainab and Hazrat Umme Kulthum (may ALLAH be pleased with them)
  • Ibraheem (may ALLAH be pleased with him), the toddler son of the Prophet (PBUH) by Maria al-Qibtiyya.
  • Hasan (may ALLAH be pleased with him), the grandson of the Prophet (PBUH)
  • Abbas (may ALLAH be pleased with him), the uncle of the Prophet (PBUH)
  • The aunts or aunties of the Prophet (PBUH), Aatikah and Safiyyah (may ALLAH be pleased with them)
  • Usman or Uthman (may ALLAH be pleased with him), son-in-law and the third Caliph and of the Prophet (PBUH)
  • Haleemah Sadiya, the wet-nurse of the Prophet (PBUH)
  • Saad bin Abi Waqas (may ALLAH be pleased with him)
  • Abu Saeed Khudri (may ALLAH be pleased with him)
  • Abdur-Rehman bin Auf (may ALLAH be pleased with him)
  • Abdullah bin Masood (may ALLAH be pleased with him)
  • Imam Malik (may ALLAH be pleased with him)

Throughout different times of history many structures and domes were rebuilt or built over many well-known graves in Al-Baqi in order to recognize the inhabitants. On 21 April 1925, mausoleums, structures and domes in Jannat-ul-Baqi were demolished by the command of King Abdul Aziz Al Saud with the purpose of complying with the hadees of the Prophet (PBUH) to not build or cover structures over any grave and to avoid or prevent people from seeking help from the dead.

  • It is virtuous to visit Jannat-ul-Baqi (preferably on a Friday) and Dua (supplicate) to ALLAH for all those buried in its noble world. is one of the authorized umrah tour operators in UK offers Ramadan 2016 Packages