Specific Guideline for Chronic Illness During the Religious Tour

Traveling toward the world of Ihram, means you need extra care because of the hot climate. Most of the pilgrimage are suffering from chronic disease like heart problem, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, etc.

It is better to take precautions for controlling the illness before the departure. In case, no medication will control the chronic disease, thus the entire Umrah or Hajj pilgrimage journey may be ruined. Probably, it’s better to consult your doctor hardly three months before the departure time. The chronic illness includes:

  • Diabetes:

Nowadays, there is a higher risk of people suffering from diabetes illness. Mainly, it is happening due to the increase in physical exertion. Likewise, diabetics are a prone infection, heat-related illness or dehydration that develop the situation in the human body like high and low blood pressure.

  • Hypertension or High Blood pressure

It is also included in a chronic illness that comes with the symptoms of fatigue, chest pain, headache, vision problem, irregular heartbeat and so on. If this situation is not controlled in time, thus it leads to serious illness and potentially there is a greater chance of heart attack.

  • Asthma

Commonly, most of the generation faces the situation of asthma. There is an extensive increase in asthma during the Umrah or Hajj journey because of overcrowding. Sometimes, a sudden change in temperature, vehicle pollution, coughing also becomes the reason of asthma.  Chest tightness, wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing are some common symptoms.

  • Arthritis

This chronic illness seems one of the common problems that are most affected to all the age group, especially elders. It also has specific symptoms like tenderness, stiffness or pain in the joints. The arthritis patient may feel problem while walking because of joints, if you want to manage the symptoms of arthritis, consider the following points:

  1. Reduce your weight first
  2. Use non-steroidal medicine
  3. Consult individual physiotherapist and exercise daily
  4. Back Problems

It is essential to remedy first with the back problem before the departure. Many people suffer from the back problem, as this disease seems familiar. Nowadays, it may be arising with the discomfort during the pilgrimage journey. Sometimes, sitting prolonged time or excessive walking could be the reason for back pain. The best recommendation is to bring relevant medicine while consulting with your family doctor.

Compulsory Instruction for Chronic Illness

Here is some general tip that seems essential to control the chronic illness:

  1. Follow the doctor’s guidance and consider as a mandatory obligation
  2. Don’t delay taking your medication
  3. For better health condition, it’s better to consult your doctor three months before traveling.
  4. Store your medication in a safe place
  5. Rest properly on your desired time
  6. Immediately, seek medical attention, in case of emergency
  7. Use the wheelchair facility during the religious tour and avoid the strenuous efforts.

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