Essential Things To Know Before Leaving For Umrah


If you are travelling to Makkah for performing Umrah that your should Keep in mind about the medical issues that are directly related to your sacred voyage. Saudi Arabia is highly concerned with the needs of that they must get proper vaccination against the diseases, infections, and other viral. Because of the great influx of pilgrims in city Makkah there are maximum chances of got attacked by infection,

The Health ministry of Saudi Arabia recommends to elder people of over 65 years and those Muslim who are grasp constant diseases like blood pressure, kids, Kidney and Heart, severe illness, pregnant ladies and people with similar issues must postpone their sacred tour to Makkah as this could be done for their own well being.

And people with other general disease and issues must bring their medicines, as because of the great amount of pilgrims chances becomes major of the transfer of germs and infections that might create big issue for pilgrims later and to control the whole matter and the spread of viral and germs, the Health Ministry of Saudi Arabia takes strict measures against this and it is also highly advised to Muslims to pilgrims that they should strictly follow the health guidelines issued by health ministry.

In order stay safe from diseases it is necessary that pilgrim should focus on following things,

*   Pilgrims should keep themselves dirt-free especially their hands as eating anything from dirty hands can make you ill. Try to disinfect you hands and wash them quickly after shaking hands with someone or after cough or sneezing.

* It is better to throw your used tissue in dustbin immediately after using it for the purpose of coughing and sneezing because this can also becomes the cause of infection.

* Do not contact your hands directly with mouth, nose and eyes.

* As in Makkah, while performing minor pilgrimage you will face great crowd of people so it is suggested to stay away from pilgrim whom you felt signs of having any disease, infection and sickness.

* Avoid eating heavy meal especially road side food and under-cooked food items. Take special care of sanitary situations. Take light and fresh meals like vegetables and fruit and wash them properly.

* Because of too much crowd there, chance are maximum to get breathing problem, it is highly advised to wear mask to cover your mouth and nose but only when you are not in he sacred state of Ihram, if you are wearing Ihram then avoid covering your face.

* Give high priority to your personal hygiene and cleanliness.

* Try to perform all the rites and rituals of minor pilgrimage according to the way Islam taught us.

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