Advice for Those Who Want to Perform Umrah

Muslims around the world want to perform the religious act of Umrah. Once you get an opportunity for such a sacred journey you need to consider some advice:

A complete knowledge about Umrah rites

The religious acts are not meant to be performed without preparation. If Allah has selected you to perform such a sacred act then you must perform it whole-heartedly. Read the guiding books and some other related stuff. You can talk to the people and discuss it in a detailed way that has an experience of performing Umrah. Each step must be clear to you and try not to forget it. Duas, Surahs, Salat (both obligatory and that of the funeral), and every step of the ritual must not be forgotten.

Your luggage should contain

Before setting out on this journey you need to pay careful attention to what you pack in your luggage. Firstly, you need to know about the weather conditions of Makkah and Madina. According to it, you should put clothes to wear in your luggage. Secondly, you need to put medicine in your luggage with a prescription from the doctor and remember some medicines are restricted to enter Saudi Arabia. This is important because your illness can hinder the way you can perform your Umrah easily. Thirdly, your shoes should be comfortable because during Tawaaf any disturbance would be a big problem. Most importantly, do not forget to take your documents with you. A small bag with you would help to contain some important things for use during performing Umrah. It may contain a water bottle, medicine or mobile phone.

Something to know about Ihram

You must take buy Ihram from your own country and take it with you in your luggage. Secondly, there is a proper way to wear it which should be followed. For this, you need to consult some cleric or anyone who has performed Umrah. Make sure that it is neat and clean. Moreover, it is good to take an extra Ihram with you as a standby in case of damaging one.

Money to take with you

Firstly don’t forget to exchange money from your own country because you have to estimate before starting the journey that how much do you have after exchanging and whether it is enough or not? Keeping some extra amount of cash would be really very helpful in case you run short of it.

Be careful about the company you approach

The company or travel agency that you choose to take you must be reliable, well-known and should clearly define the services, charges, terms, and conditions before you start your journey.

Take notice of your attitude during Umrah and your stay

It is a sacred act of worship so you need to be helpful and kind to others. Everyone’s problem is as important as yours, so try to help others. During ‘Istilaam’ (Kissing of Black Stone) or Tawaaf, do not push others or else in doing so, you may harm anyone. Above all think you are going for Allah so your determination and resolution must be strong and whole-hearted. Forgive and apologize before you go.

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