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    Umrah is a sacred visit to Holy places of Makkah & Madinah that is important but not mandatory part of Islamic practices. The significance of Umrah has been narrated at several places by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). At some places, the significance of Umrah was presented equal to the Hajj pilgrimage. Ahead of performing it, one needs to have all necessary and relevant information as how to go through such a holy practice. This is not only meant to have a Holy journey but you have to make your visit successful while doing all the practice described. All you have to follow the rules that have been coded by the religion.

    First of all, after having intention for holy visit you need to be honest with that as you have to follow the order of ALLAH and practice of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). After that you have to make necessary arrangements for your journey. You need to chalk out a plan about how to make this possible. You have to have hire an Umrah travelling agent that could arrangement all necessities for you during you stay in Makkah & Madinah. A recruited company or a travelling agent is responsible to take measures to make you feel comfortable. A major responsibility falls on that company as how to provide you a complete peace of mind.

    After hiring a reliable Umrah traveling agent, now comes the modalities you have to follow. Every single aspect of performing Umrah is very important. You need to know what religion says about it and what you need to learn about the local Laws of the land. You cannot perform this holy practice carelessly. You have to strictly follow the rules and regulations said in Islam and prescribed by the Laws. This is very much a sensitive issue because the violation of it can make your journey worthless. You have to follow the dress code (Ihraam) that is one of the most important element of performing Umrah. Ihraam is a two pieces of fabric named the Izar and the Rida. One piece of cloth is to cover the upper half and the second is to lower half. The Rida covers the upper half of the body, whereas the Izar covers the lower half.

    Then you have to makes the intention at the Meqat to originate the rites of Umrah by covering you with Ihraam. The intention are made in the heart, whereas you have keep zikaar or Allah. The first and foremost pillar of performing Umrah is the Ihraam and the tongue recites the Talbiyyah. After that you have to arrive at the sacred mosque in Masjid Al-Haram, you must enter it with your right foot and say O Lord! Forgive me, and make me get your mercy. You must have to enter in such a way saying humility and gratefulness of His blessings conferred upon.

    You have to stop reciting the Talbiyyah as soon as arriving at the Ka'bah and then approach the Black stone. Afterward, touch the stone with your right hand and give it a kiss. In case this is not possible to get it accessed then you should face the Black Stone and point to it. You have to take care that you don't push and jolt because it causing harm and being harmed by people. A believer has to walk in such a manner as keeping the Ka'bah on his left side. As soon as one reaches the Yamani corner, you also have to touch it with your right hand, if probable, but here you do not have to kiss it while reciting "Bismillaahiwa Allah u Akbar". If you find it difficult to perform your tawaaf without touching it, you can point at it or even reciting "Allah u Akbar".

    As soon as you complete the seven circuits of Tawaaf, you have to get MaqaamIbraahem approached and recite verse. Here you have to offer short prayer of two Rakat. You have to try to get closer to MaqamIbrahem as opportunely possible. If you find it not possible then you can offer prayer wherever in the mosque. After finishing the two Rakahs of prayers, you not only return to the Black Stone but touch it with convenient. Safaa and marwa is believed to be a very important part of performing Umrah.

    Next step to performing Umrah is head to Safa. Prescribed verses are recited upon approaching the Safa. You have to climb the mount Safa as up as to see the Kabah. Afterward, you have to ascend from the mount and head towards Marwah, upon reaching Marwah climb it if it is possible for you, and recap the same way as when mounting the Safa. No specific supplications to be recited while heading towards Safa and Marwah. You have to complete the seven circuits and the last one must be completed on Marwah. After completing it you have to get your hair cut though shaving is better. On the other hand, Women ought to reduce their hair by the end and after doing so you have completed the rights of Umrah.

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