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    Express 5 * Hajj Packages    |    Only £ 6445 PP

    Express 5 * Hajj Packages

    • 14 Nights Package
    • Makkah: Swisotel Makkah (Full Board)
    • Check In: 15th Aug 2018
    • Madinah: Anwar Al Madinah (Full Board)
    • Check In: 29th Aug 2018
    • Hajj Draft Included
    • Flight Tickets are Included

    Express 5 * Hajj Packages


    • 15/08/2018 Depart Heathrow - Jeddah (via Flight)
    • 16/08/2018 Makkah Check-in into Swissotel - 5*
    • Perform UMRAH AL-TAMATU
    • 17/08/2018 Makkah Prepare early for Friday prayer as Entry in Haram is closed at 9:30 AM for Juma Prayers - Jamah at 12:15PM
    • 18/08/2018 Makkah Free Day - Perform individual Ibadah - Prepare for performing Hajj
    • 19/08/2018 Mina After Fajr proceed to Mina by Coach
    • A/C Tents, Sofabed, Pillo, Blanket
    • Full Board with soft and hot drinks
    • Spend whole day in Mina ( Day of Tarwaya or Day of Watering)
    • 20/08/2018 Arafat After Fajr proceed to Arafat by Coach
    • A/C Tents, Lunch and Refreshment
    • After Maghrib proceed to Muzdalifah
    • 21/08/2018 Mina After Fajr proceed to Mina by Coach
    • From Mina tent refresh and proceed to Jamarath on foot
    • Tawaf Al-Ifaadah
    • Eid Day
    • 22/08/2018 Mina Throw pebbles at Jamarat. Personal Ibadah and rest in tent
    • 23/08/2018 Mina Throw pebbles at Jamarat. Personal Ibadah and rest in tent
    • 24/08/2018 Makkah Free Day - Perform individual Ibadah
    • 25/08/2018 Makkah Tawaf Wida
    • 26/08/2018 Madinah Proceed to Madinah in Coach, Check-in Anwar Al Madinah - 5*
    • Visit to Masjid e Nabwi
    • 27/08/2018 Madinah Visit to Holy sites, Jannatul Baqi, Shohda Al Uhud, Masjid e Quba, Masjid ul Qiblatain
    • 28/08/2018 Madinah Free Day - Perform individual Ibadah and Farewell Salam
    • 29/08/2018 Depart Madinah - Heathrow (via Flight)

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